Built by Murray Cormack Associates M.V Conserver is an 18m steel hydrographic survey vessel with deck winches capable of a pull of 2 tons and a radial extending crane with a maximum lift of 2 ton. Built to operate as buoy tender and survey vessel. The Conserver is of chine hull construction, and powered by a Gardner 8L3B engine which produces a speed of  9.5 knots

M.V. Conserver

M.V. Caledonia

Built at Cockenzie by a private boat builder M.V Caledonia is a 12m  steel work boat with deck winch with a 1.5 ton pull and a radial deck crane. M.V. Caledonia's work routine includes crew changes in the Forth, Historic Scotland's maintenance of Inchcolm, and the Northern Lighthouse care of the various lighthouses on the Forth. The Caledonia is powered by a Gardener  6L3B which produces a speed of 8 knots

R.I.B. 5.5m in length used as a saftey boat on various project locations around the forh. Crewed by personnel equipped with lifesaving and firstaid skills.