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Based in Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Seahunter Marine is run and managed by Bill Simpson. Seahunter Marine has recently acquired from Forth Port Authorities The buoy handling and survey vessel The Conserver. This along with The Caledonia, gives Seahunter Marine a new dimension to the services they can now offer alongside their already extensive inventory which includes Crew Changes, Chartering, and occasionally Ashes Scattering.

Whatever your marine requirements are Seahunter Marine is here to fulfill them. From crew transfers in the Forth to the more complex precission placement of buoys Seahunter Marine has the experience and professionalism you can depend on.

Seahunter Marine has more than 30 years experience on the river, which brings to your business a wealth of local knowledge, which can only be gained from getting out there and doing it. This kind of experience cannot be bought, it has to be earned through hard work and time spent learning the local features of the river and surrounding coastlines.

By employing Seahunter Marine for your marine requirements you get all this and more thrown in. You can be sure and safe in the knowledge that you have made the correct choice for the task in hand.



Contact Bill Simpson Tel:-07774103405

Welcome To Seahunter Marine

With the aid of the most up-to-date computer technology and side scanning sonar we have the ability and experience to carry out surveys of the areas you require.

Both the Conserver and the Caledonia are well equipped to carry out Buoy handling Operations

Seahunter Marine also offers a charter service for Fishing, Diving and Wildlife Charters. Both the Conserver and the Caledonia are licensed to carry 12 passengers. Take a tour of the Islands and see the wildlife up close and personal. 

Seahunter Marine offers a Light to Medium Salvage facility to compliment their already impressive resume of operational procedures that can be  carried out.